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This page is created for students and parents with key information about the scholarship process.  There are also some helpful additional links!

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The 2020 Scholarship season has closed. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram when we will announce the 2021 Scholarship Season in January 2021

Please join us at our 2020 30th  Awards Ceremony on May 9, 2020 at 7pm via Zoom. 

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Scholarship Information

Student/Parent Letter and Instructions             Essay Instructions         

Reference Form Instructions         Reference Forms

Welcome to the Student and Parent Portal. Through this secure section students and parents will enter the necessary information to apply for scholarships within the local Dollars For Scholars and National Dollars For Scholars Scholarships. The application website is a secure website run by Scholarship America, our parent organization.

1) How Can I apply?   

  • Pick up your packet and directions in the High School Guidance Office OR download them. See the above links in red.
  • Students will apply on-line at this website AND will use paper for References and our Essay.  "Click to Login"  link above to begin the On-line Process.  You will need an email address. Please do NOT use a thtitans email address. It does not recognize important information sent to you from Scholarship America.  It also will not allow us to contact you after graduation as all graduates are deleted from the School email system. 
  • Deadline for the Reference Forms and Essay: They MUST be turned in by 4 pm on March 3, 2020 to the THDFS Lock Box located in the HS Guidance Office. 
  • Deadline for On-Line Application portion: 11:59 pm on March 3, 2020.
  • Late Entries will NOT be accepted.
  • We encourage questions via email at

2) When Should I apply? The application process will be open January 20, 2020. We will be offering help sessions in the High School Library January 27 and February 3-5 during lunch periods and on January 28 from 6-7 pm. on January 28. 

3) What else must I do? Students must earn three Dollars for Scholars Credits to be eligible for any Scholarship. One credit is earned for each hour working at a Dollars for Scholars Event. Only working at Dollars for Scholars Events earns credits. These can be earned during any year they attend High School. Sign up sheets are posted on the DFS Pillar in the High School Atrium or see Mrs Samantha Maker.  Activities where we need help are the Alumni Soccer and Basketball Games, Solicitation Letter Night, Phoneathon Night, at the Awards Ceremony, the Spring 5K Race and other publicity events.  See Mrs. Samantha Maker for more information and to be sure you have enough hours. These are NOT to be confused with National Honor Society Hours, Senior Class hours etc. You may still apply for a scholarship if you do not have three hours, but will NOT receive any payments to your school until they are done.

4) When is the Awards Ceremony and do I have to attend?  THDFS is a community based organization. We are NOT affiliated with the Taconic Hills School District. Our awards will be given out at our Awards Ceremony on May 9, 2020 at 7pm at the Taconic Hills PAC.  Out of respect for the donors and the community at large we expect each recipient to attend. If you are applying for a scholarship, please hold that date on your calendar now! Work conflicts do not count as an excused absence. 

5) If I have received a scholarship, how do I use it? Students prior to 2017 have six years to use their scholarship money. Students from May 2017 forward have 5 years. Click on this link for specific instructions of how to receive your scholarship money. 

6) How are Scholarship Recipients chosen? 

Please be aware of the Taconic Hills Dollars for Scholars Philosophy adopted in 2012.  We ask that each recipient please respect this philosophy which has guided this organization since 1989.  

The general criteria for scholarships is based upon scholarship criteria, merit and financial need. We endeavor to find a balance amongst these three values. We endeavor to "spread the generosity" of our community amongst as many students as possible. Recipients of Dollars for Scholars awards are determined by the Selection Committee, using Scholarship America chapter guidelines. Students submit applications that are scored by the Selection Committee on the basis of merit and need. Need is determined by the applicant submitting the FASFA EFC number on the application. It is not mandatory to provide the number, but financial need can only be determined if it is put onto the application. 

There are five to seven committee members including Dollars for Scholars trustees and members from the community at large None of the Committee has an interest in who recieves a scholarship.  The Committee's recommendations are then approved by the Board.  Their decision is final.  By submitting the application you are agreeing to these principles.  

Each student who receives a scholarship is expected to attend the Awards Ceremony and to submit a "Thank you" note prior to receiving the Scholarship.

Additionally adopted on 1/25/17: Effective with the 2017 Scholarships: a student will have 5 years to use his/her scholarship. 

We thank each student and parent for your participation and anticipate your support of our Philosophy and all criteria set forth.


The Taconic Hills Dollars for Scholars Board

Who Can Help Me at Taconic Hills With My Future Plans?

 Here is the link that can help you answer many of your financial aid questions.  It has links to a variety of helpful website including FASFA.  Check it out!!!

And of course the Taconic Hills Guidance Department is full of great people that can help you. There are many links including a "Freshmen/Sophomore Page", a "Juniors Page" and of course a "Seniors Page" Check it out!!!


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